It’s a new year- 2014. Time for making resolutions- getting healthy, spending less money, going back to church- and time for coming up with the excuses why we don’t keep them. But this year is going to be different, at least for our Church.

This Sunday, we began a year-long study of discipleship. The Sunday sermons have already been planned out to give you every possible resource we can for helping in your growth as a fully devoted, mature follower of Christ (that’s what a disciple is, by the way). And you need to be here for them, every week (if you can’t be here, contact the office to get a copy of the service).
Bibles and Journals are available (or will be again when we restock) for purchase for digging deeper into scripture and the sermons. Daily Bible verses are sent out by the office every day via email and on Facebook (if you aren't getting these, contact the office for more info). Small groups and Sunday school classes are forming to help foster deeper relationships and study.

And this blog will be written every week on Monday mornings, to provide you with deeper insights, questions, and challenges for making discipleship an active part of your daily life.

As I challenge myself to keep up with these posts every week, I challenge you to use them, and every other resource your church is providing you, to make 2014 the year you deepen your walk with Christ and can truly be marked as His disciple!


Ross Conran
01/06/2014 5:53am

This article from by Mike Breen is a great way to begin thinking about discipleship. If you read the rebuttal following you will find that there are lots of ideas being held by Christians as to what exactly the call to discipleship entails. I think that Breen's comments should be digested before taking on other's opinions. Take the time to read...

10/05/2016 8:08pm

05/16/2014 2:30am

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10/23/2014 12:30am

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I am very interested in all the information written on this page, for that I can only say thank you to all those I've read on this page.


This is a great year to make a preparation for the ongoing apocalypses.


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