It’s Thursday. The end of another busy week, in a string of busy weeks. I walked into my office this morning, plopped down my iPad and keys and books. And then, I looked at my desk. OH BOY! It was a mess. Papers everywhere, books, bibles, hymnals. There were piles of sermons from the past weeks’ funerals. There were bags for the PACK IT UP program that the ALIVE Youth Group decorated last night. A bunch of mail that I did not feel like dealing with (and hadn’t for a while!). Ideas for Youth Group, Sunday School, sermons, financial campaigns, postcards to send out, neon orange strips of paper with notes all over them.

Needless to say, it was overwhelming. So I spent a good hour going through it all. I put the reports in their respective files, files quite a bit in File 13p (a.k.a. the recycling bin). I made calls I needed to, responded to letters and requests, and a bunch of other things. Now I sit here at my desk seeing it is mostly clean. But I know it won’t take long for it to become an overwhelming mess again.

You know, this happens a lot to me, and to many of us I am sure. We get so busy and overwhelmed with all the things we have to “do.” I know that I tend to get lost in all the ‘doing’ and I forget the ‘being’.

In Psalm 46:10, God implores us to “be still, and know that I am God.” When’s the last time you were just still, and rested in the knowledge and presence of God? I struggle with this one a lot. There’s a cross on my bedroom wall with these words printed on it to help remind me. I even have a “Be” blanket a friend gave me to help me just ‘be’.

In the midst of all that we have to ‘do’ in our lives, my prayer is that we will take the time to just ‘be’ with God. All the working and 'doing' isn't going to go away. But we can take some time to slow down, to remember who we are and Whose we are. 'Being' won't make the work any less. But it will make us in a better mind to get it all done. When we put our focus on God and rest in knowledge of Him, then we can begin 'being' in the midst of all our 'doing'.

Be. Be still. Be still and know that He is God.


05/23/2013 10:03am

Thanks for the reminder. Today I will find some time to "be".

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You doesn't exist without doing and moving. Action is what make us alive.


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